Whatever your requirement, Our People is brimming with extensive experience gathered over many years advising in the real estate sector. We also have a number of dedicated teams specialising in specific sub-sections of the real estate sector. Whether our clients work in one specific area or across multiple sub-sectors, we offer insight, expertise and first-class legal advice driven by innovation, research and market intelligence. We have more than 20 years in domestic and international residential and commercial property acquisition and management. We represent our clients each step of the way and are well placed to help them with:

  1. Commercial and residential property search contacts
  2. Property due diligence
  3. Negotiating and drafting sale and purchase contracts
  4. Notary services
  5. Bank borrowing
  6. Foreign Currency Exchange
  7. Local authority permissions for building and renovation works
  8. Tax and estate planning
  9. Investment portfolio management
  10. Residency issues
  11. Income and asset declaration in the EU, the USA, and Great Britain
  12. Company registration and bank accounts
  13. Property disputes